“Killer Weed hooked me on page one and I savored the references to San Francisco in the 1960s. A fascinating story with a strong ending.”
Grace Slick, vocalist, Jefferson Airplane

The San Francisco marijuana scene, from the glory days of Haight-Ashbury to the latest fight for legalization, forms the backdrop of Castleman’s entertaining fourth Ed Rosenberg mystery… This is a fun and even educational romp…
Publisher’s Weekly 

More than just an engaging mystery, Killer Weed is a fun, fascinating look back at San Francisco’s storied 1960s, not to mention a primer a primer on the marijuana industry. With natural ease, Castleman offers authentic details about the hippie era that go way beyond flowers-in-your-hair stereotypes. His description of the evolution of the marijuana trade is enlightening. Killer Weed is a fun, breezy story that rings true.
San Francisco Examiner 

High Times review

“In Killer Weed, the rip-roaring ’60’s ride again. Hiyo cannabis! Away!”
Wavy Gravy, emcee at Woodstock, founder, Camp Winnarainbow

“A very entertaining mystery with characters who jump right off the page. And Killer Weed is not just about marijuana. It delves into family dynamics as the protagonist and his wife struggle over their own drug use.”
Jim Foster, KNEW, San Francisco

A page-turner of murder, mystery, and marijuana with a San Francisco backdrop.
San Jose Mercury News

The Summer of Love meets murder and mystery in Killer Weed, a captivating roller coaster ride through ’60s history, murders, suspense, and yes, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Castleman is an amazing writer who will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.  The ’60’s history is outstanding. If you want a great mystery do not miss Killer Weed.
— Midwest Book Review

“I devoured Killer Weed. I loved the Haight-Ashbury history and all the tales of dope dealing. I read a lot of mysteries and Killer Weed smokes.”
— Joel Selvin, longtime San Francisco Chronicle rock critic and author of The Summer of Love

Killer Weed is a fast-paced, ingeniously plotted novel that brings the pot-smoking worlds of hippie and contemporary San Francisco vividly to life. You’ll want to tune in, turn on, and drop everything to reach the surprising, deeply satisfying conclusion.
– Goodreads.com 

Killer Weed is a great story that grabs you on page one. The plot is engrossing, the characters engaging, the dialogue entertaining, intelligent, and even funny. A riveting, fast-paced, roller coaster of pleasure, Killer Weed is hard to put down.

A gripping, emotionally complex, character-driven story that begins when Ed and his wife get fired from the San Francisco Foghorn (a fictionalized Chronicle) and, with two kids and a huge mortgage, turn to drugs to cope.

Castleman illuminates the hippie era vividly—and explains the derivation of ‘psychedelic’ and how the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane got their names. His portrait of the business side of weed is detailed and authoritative. San Francisco—both then and now—comes alive. In addition, Killer Weed features sympathetic characters, and a compelling, nuanced portrait of a marriage under duress.
—East Bay Express

A light-hearted, enjoyable mystery. You’ll find yourself breezing right through … and loving all the references to bands, people, and San Francisco.

“A vivid, gripping, politically timely mystery combined with a sweet poignant family drama about child rearing by parents whose marriage is under duress. I loved it.”
—Kris Welch, KPFA-FM

Enjoyable. With crisp and visual imagery, brisk and humorous dialogue, this novel will capture those interested in San Francisco’s hippie history.

“This tale shows a side of the quest for green gold that few people outside the isolated culture ever see. While couched as a mystery, it is a rare glimpse into the outlaw culture that prohibition created.”
– Ed Rosenthal, author of Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

A plot that keeps you guessing and characters that remind you of people not unlike yourself.
San Francisco Magazine

“Killer Weed is a delightful whodunit. A contemporary novel with an enticing infusion of 1960’s San Francisco cultural magic. Castleman must have been there. The novel is just too dead on to have been written by anyone other than someone who lived through those unique times.”
— William G. Panzer, Esq., co-author of Prop 215 that legalized medical marijuana in California

“The sixties Haight-Ashbury shimmers like a psychedelic light show in Killer Weed, Michael Castleman’s tale of marijuana, mystery, and murder. Castleman throws protagonist Ed Rosenberg into a tangled web of interwoven lives across four decades—and then someone starts shooting at him. A great tale you’re sure to enjoy. And after a few chapters, don’t be surprised if you’re rifling your frig looking for cupcakes.”
Bill Yenne, author of San Francisco Then & Now

“Killer Weed is a magical combination of mystery, San Francisco history, and pot that grabbed me right away and never let go. Castleman skillfully blends an intriguing modern tale with the heady transcendence of the hippie period to paint a historically accurate portrait of the marijuana business in America, both then and now. The hard-boiled narrative makes the characters come alive and keeps you guessing until the end. So kick back, light one up, and enjoy this terrific page-turner.”
Tony Bove, Producer/Director of Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties

“Killer Weed is a mystery on a mission. Fifty years after the first San Francisco green rush, the same people still struggle to legalize it. Turns out, building an industry, while keeping peace and love alive, is not that easy. Pot has never been this thrilling!”
Debby Goldsberry, cannabis industry pioneer and founder of Berkeley Patients Group

“At once fast-paced and nostalgic, a Bay Area love story from the ’60s couched in a blistering mystery. All of which reinforces the real world point that prohibition is the problem, not cannabis.”
— Doug Fine, author of Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Eco­nomic Revolution

“Michael Castleman’s Killer Weed is an marvelous page-turner from compelling start to excellent finish. A real ‘who-smoked-it’ with a cast of unforgettable contemporary characters blended with colorful characters from yesteryear. I couldn’t put it down.”
— Robert Altman, photographer, whose photos have appeared in People, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and in his book of photojournalism, The Sixties.

“Killer Weed is a killer read, a fast paced murder mystery that illuminates forty years of the cannabis scene. And it’s a pleasure to recommend a book that adds new meaning to the phrase, Prohibition Kills.”
— Chris Conrad, author of Hemp: Lifeline to the Future, curator of the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum in Oakland, CA and the International Hash-Marihuana-Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“Michael Castleman’s fourth whodunit replicates the previous three with a fast-paced, gripping mystery, featuring San Francisco journalist Ed Rosenberg. Killer Weed not only tells a compelling story, but also captures contemporary San Francisco and its complex, colorful, hippie past. I loved it.”
— Charles A. Fracchia, founder, San Francisco Museum and Historical Society




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